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Stories ...

They are the fabric of our lives, narratives that connect us through words, images, and symbols. Storytelling is as old as humanity. Stories give voice to our ancestors, to the natural world around us, to landscapes. We navigate our worlds, real and imagined, using stories as maps. In the modern world, stories are the foundation of entertainment, of business and commerce, the basis of reporting and interpreting science, of our social and spiritual belief systems.

Whether delivered by spoken or print word, with images, through music or performance, a great story is told with skilled craftsmanship.

The Principal Pye at Magpye Storymakers

While occasionally collaborating with other professionals and institutions, generally the wordsmithing and design work is performed by RM McCalman, the resident 'Principal Pye'.


Ms. McCalman has a rich and formidable professional background, as a research specialist, applied anthropologist, ethnographer and archaeologist. Recently, she has served as an editor and contributor for EXARC Journal, working with a diverse community of international contributors on topics related to experimental archaeology, open-air museums, and living history interpretation.


A skilled field researcher, interviewer, and writer, Ms. McCalman has spent thousands of hours traveling back roads, sharing meals and stories, surveying landscapes, documenting and recording, and crafting the stories of the people, communities, histories, and landscapes she has had the pleasure to serve.

From rather humble origins as a layout and paste-up artist for an award-winning mountain resort newspaper in California, she honed her skills in journalistic excellence and print media design. A lifelong passion for conservation biology and natural history were an abiding influence during her academic studies, yet it was the early journalism experience, the appreciation for a well-researched and well-told story, that has defined much of her work. 

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