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“We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

Where this relationship with notebooks, journals, field notes, and the like began is difficult to pin down. This habit of recording observations, fleeting thoughts, bits of ideas, insights, images ... I can recall 'collecting' as far back as the mists allow. With the advent of the digital age, and all of the technology that enhances our ability to record experiences, I still keep a stack of journals and notebooks nearby. Most are works in progress. Appointments are regularly required to go back through these tomes to recover the lines of thought and inspiration they house. It is all too much for these human neurons to keep track of.

Field Notes planners and notebooks have always been a favorite, followed by Top Flight composition books. Somewhere during my travels I came across this image of a well-worn Field Notes notebook with the Palahniuk quote that has stayed with me. Each journal and notebook we create becomes a small miracle, a masterpiece capturing our own stories. Over the years I have come to recognize the value of these stories, and how much we lose by not recording our lives and experiences. And this does not include 'selfies'.

As I navigate the troubled waters I have found myself in most recently, the idea of designing a collection of custom notebooks and journals has been something of a priority, a way to possibly get the bills paid while working on the more substantive writing and seeking editorial work that will actually pay something. We lost a lot of ground with this latest series of moves - bank account closed, no insurance, questionable residency (which is necessary to get a bank account), might lose the Paypal account, loss of a major section of dental work - all putting us back even further down in the pit of starting over. The new normal for many of us is having to adapt to nomadic lives, which is entirely possible given the technological tools available today, if one can establish a state of residency or domicile. Having no family as an anchor, this has become a primary challenge.

So keep an eye out for the journals and notebooks. And please share my website with others who might be in need of a wordsmith. Referrals are welcome. The time here in WY is running out, and as of right now I am severely hobbled yet again.

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