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The Life of Pye

The truck is packed, again. This farewell to New Mexico is particularly bittersweet. Our arrival here December 1st was supposed to be the beginning of the next chapter,

and in a sense, it has been.

Upon setting up my writer's desk in front of a west facing window, looking out over grazing fields leading up to forested ridge, I was greeted by a flurry of magpies congregating in the juniper just outside the window. There were no magpies in the canyon, so this welcoming committee seemed auspicious. As such, I decided to adopt a wordplay on 'magpie' as the name of this new chapter

Corvids are dear to my heart, we share a number of traits. We are collectors, curators, and contrary to popular belief, we aren't necessarily attracted to bright and shiny objects. These collections of bits and bobs characteristic of corvids became the basis for the word 'pie' or 'pye'. I'll be writing more about that history here. For now, this is a simple "welcome" ... a soft launch of the blog in anticipation of our departure early tomorrow. We'll be heading back to Wyoming for a few days, where my stash of 'pye' belongings is in storage. Another auspicious event after four years of being stranded in the canyon. Our stay will be brief, we are looking for just the right place to land where we can put down some roots. A garden in the spring would be heaven. Most important, however, will be more of a formal launch of the work I will be doing here on January 16th, or there abouts. So stay tuned, and thank you for being here with me. If you like what I am doing, tips are welcome here. And referrals are always welcome!

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