We offer a variety of editorial, content creation, communications,
media design, and project management services, bringing your story to life.


Custom Copy Editing

From basic proofreading to more substantive line and developmental editing, we will polish your work based on the most appropriate style guide for your project, whether for technical, academic, popular media, or marketing collateral projects.


We specialize in working with content where English is not the native language, and with content translated to English.


Technical Editing and Fact Checking

When truth, accuracy, and authenticity are central to your project, story and message.  We have a strong background in the biological, medical, and social sciences, with experience in academic publications, education curricula and training materials, and technical report production.

Writing and Content Creation

Copy writing and content creation for all occasions including newsletters and blogs, reports, pamphlets, curricula, marketing collateral and more.



Images, Visual and Digital Design, and Formats

When your story requires a visual component, specific document or data format requirements incorporated into compelling and engaging designs or industry defined formats.

Research and Project Management


Project Management

For complex projects, delivering quality within budget and on time.


Research and Data Management

Research instrument development and validation, research design and implementation, database management, data analysis and summary.

Interviewing and Other Qualitative Inputs - Our Specialty

Oral histories, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, participant observation ... capturing the stories of individuals, groups, communities.

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