"I first became impressed with the renaissance abilities of Raylene during challenging archaeological fieldwork in southwest Colorado, a decade ago, during which I found Ray to be a steady, strong, competent person in all things, and we forged a friendship around mutual interests. I have since sought her help as an unofficial fourth adviser to my Master's Degree work in Anthropology/Archaeology, as she has always been an inspiration to me, especially with regard to her passion for plants of traditional cultural importance to Native peoples. Her encouragement and assistance as a research-coach and editor were invaluable to me, during my MA work, and I have sought her help many times since, with respect to continued research and professional development opportunities. She's the most dependable person I know, and I highly recommend her for professional coaching, writing, editing, and research, across disciplines."


David M. Sabata, MA (Anthropology/Archaeology at NAU)

"If you have a need for any editing or research, I highly recommend her. She does magic with words, works fast and is totally reliable as well as able to put into words exactly what one wants to express. Also if helping artists and entrepreneurs as they struggle getting their business off the ground, is of interest to you, this is a well worthy endeavor.
Enjoy her stories! I am looking forward to updates of her blog!"

Cathy Beloeil, Owner-Operator at Cafe Boheme - Jackson, Wyoming

and Un Jardin dans la Falaise - Cabrerets, France

"Raylene worked with the international EXARC Journal for those involved in Archaeological Open-Air Museums, Experimental Archaeology, Interpretation and Ancient Technology as a voluntary editor for three years. Many of our authors are not native English speakers and therefore help from our editors is very important to them. Working with Raylene was excellent. She was reliable, attentive to detail and supportive."

J. Katerina Dvoráková, Editor-in-Chief at EXARC Journal

"Dear Raylene, I want to thank you for all the time, interest, and effort you put in The Grizzly these past two years. You have played an important part in making the paper the "great" newspaper it is today. I have particularly appreciated your dedication to your job, because I always knew I could depend upon you to help pull us through the "rough spots" we have encountered now and then.


We will miss you here, but I am glad that you found the job you have really wanted and I wish you well."

Bob Wood, Publisher at Big Bear Life and The Grizzly


The Pye's first journalism and design job out of high school - two years of learning the newspaper industry, inside and out, falling in love with photography, and living the dream.

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